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What We Do

FOCUS.  We can't say it enough...focus on developing strategy and the design that results from it.

Form Meet Function

We live and breathe design, and believe the best of the best is spurred by a passion for precision and supported by sound market research and strategy. Design is truly the application of good strategy. It comes alive with intuition and instinct. All projects are multi-channel and multimedia, encompassing a mix of the services listed below.

Strategy & Ideation
—    Brand positioning
—    Brand purpose
—    Brand voice
—    Brand architecture
—    UX/CX
—    Naming
—    Taglines & Messaging
—    Brand Standards

—    Brand identity design
—    Presentations
—    Collateral
—    Conference & Event Materials
—    Packaging & Point-of-Sale

Photography & Video

—    Lifestyle
—    Fashion
—    Corporate Events
—    Food and products

—    Website design

—    Presentations
—    App Design
—    Front-end development
—    Social strategy
—    Social Media set-up
—    Social Media assets and content

Contact: 310-210-6162

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